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Established since 2003. Each piece that I have created over the years are made to look as close to the subject as possible.

I enjoy the pleasure that my pieces bring to people, with people collecting my pieces as a new one is created. My pieces have been sent all over the world as they are light and travel very well in the bottom of a suitcase or are flat and light to be posted or courier service is provided.

I have a background as an Equine Artist and have painted all of my life, self taught with a few lessons added in to learn a few techniques.

Hand painted life size art pieces of animals and Christmas pieces for the garden. Most of my pieces are to scale and painted as close to the real colour as possible. This is how I make them look so real. All of my work is painted in a weathershield acrylic paint so it can go out side as well as inside and will not fade.

My Christmas theme is very traditional with every age group in mind, from "Santa please stop here" signs to Santa in his Sleigh with Reindeers. All adding the Christmas spirit to those who purchase my pieces.

I have produced a new theme in Dogs and Cats so you can have from a photo your pet hand painted to its true size and made with a stand attached to back so you can have it anywhere you like in the house or out in the garden.

I also do murals and sometimes have been asked to have some of my pieces as part of the mural.

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